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2024 Summer CAMPS

for Ages 3-12

Now OPEN for


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Each year during the summer term, Wittmann Learning Center hosts educational themed camps. 


This year we are so excited to host guest instructors and offer the most amazing educational experiences.  

Brief Description

Gaming Camp (our most popular camp and sells out fast) at this camp your child will meet friends and play games with them and learn new gaming strategies using various electronic devices.

Camp Olympics (highly requested) Is your child the athletic or competitive type? This is the camp for them. They will meet new friends, socialize with old, and engage in outdoor and indoor physical activity and compete for the Blue Ribbon.

Find the Artist in You - a parent favorite! Your child will use their imagination and explore the artist in them by painting and creating using various mediums.

Physical Science  - Your child will learn about simple machines, participate in simple coding, learn about physics and chemistry, and the natural world around them in this fun and engaging camp.

America the Beautiful - Go back in time to the Revolutionary War and discover the beginnings of the United States, the making of the first flag, and the history of the Star Spangled Banner at this Independence Week event.  Campers will taste food from the time period, make colonial uniforms, and so much more.  This camp is sure to excite your little patriot.

Weird Science - Ever wonder how a light bulb works, why a balloon causes your hair to stick up, or how an antacid sizzles? At this camp, your child will learn about physical and chemical change, engage in science experiments to learn the whys and hows of science, and create electricity. This is one camp your little scientist will not want to miss - It's going to get messy!

I Can Be a Chef - your little chef will learn the basics of measuring, cooking, kitchen hygiene and safety, and will whip up some tasty recipes!

The Music Maker - Your little musician will thank you for this unique music camp. Campers will learn about different music genres and will explore the basics of the guitar, the piano, as well as various brass, woodwinds, and percussion instruments. This camp is sure the spark the interest of your little musician.

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