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After School Homework Help Program

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Do you need somewhere for your Elementary aged child to go after school?  Wittmann Learning Center can help.  We can help with homework so you don't have to worry.   When students have completed homework assignments for the day, they will have the opportunity to play.  Each student is responsible for providing their homework. 

Tuition is $75 a week with a signed contract.  There is a $50 registration fee due each year Should you cancel services, we would need at least a 2 weeks notice.

* Tuition for students registered and attending the Academy at Wittmann Learning Center is $25.00 each week.

***  Please note, this is a homework help program, not a tutoring session.  If you need tutorial services, please register with one of our qualified tutors.  This program is not intended to replace any teachings within your child's regular classroom.  Wittmann Learning Center LLC will only help with work sent by the teacher.   WLC will not go through the student's book bag or contact their teachers.  

Transportation is the responsibility of the parent/s.

As a courtesy, Long Beach School District is currently transporting students from all LBSDschools to Wittmann Learning Center LLC.  Bus spacing is limited.  Please note, transportation by LBSD is a privilege and appropriate bus behavior is expected.  LBSD has the right to terminate this courtesy at any time.

***  Wittmann Learning Center is not a daycare service.  Students are enrolled in an academic program to assist with homework and may socialize with other students in a safe and loving environment until parents arrive (once homework is completed).  This program does NOT qualify for the MS childcare credit, nor is it deductible on taxes as a childcare program.

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